Mother’s Day Suggestion

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May 092014

Giving Comfort with Essential Oils   Essential oils are a wonderful way to give comfort to a loved one, especially when they are in a nursing home. Many people are finding that essential oils have a calming and healing effect.   As people discover that essential oils have these properties they are sharing them with […]

May 032014

This is just a quick reminder – REWARD YOURSELF There is a  variety of things which can be used as rewards by a caregiver  in acknowledgment of some activity. Doing so does not have to cost anything or not much. A matter of fact, it is wiser to make the treat something small but something […]

Hold on tight to your dreams.

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Apr 302014

No matter your situation, take a moment and dream of the things you would like to have in your life. Dream of the might have beens and imagine them to still on their way. Dream of those vacations,those events and achievements that have not yet come your way and imagine them yours for the asking. […]

Ode to Caregivers

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Apr 302014

Caregiver you are a work in progress and have the power to design your  life. You gave so much in loving care, held on, but in the end you lost the one you loved You mourned, gave comfort to others in your care Then came the night Alone and  frightened you wondered if there is […]

If only …

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Apr 282014

If only all ways to outperform others should be that easy and pleasant According to the linked article below, researchers in Japanese studies found that the people who looked at images of cute baby animals outperformed the others. utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Greatist%20Daily&utm_campaign=Newsletter%20Version%20II&utm_content=B Now, when caught watching cute kitten antics or a baby sloth, you can tell your boss that you are gearing up to […]

Jun 252012
Challenges Caregivers Face: Losing an Elderly Parent

Losing an elderly parent can be a very difficult thing to face.  No matter how old you are – or how old your parent was at the time of passing – it’s not an easy situation to deal with.  Anyone who tells you otherwise probably hasn’t had to deal with the experience themselves. The loss […]

Jun 252012
Moving on After Caregiving: Spin the Wheel

As you leave your time spent caregiving in the past, you’re probably looking for new ways to engage yourself in the world.  And, you should!  Exploring new interests and pushing your comfort zone a little are always good things to do.  But, in this critical time, while you’re moving on after caregiving, it’s especially important […]

Jun 202012
Facing Career Changes After Caregiving Ends

“What to do after caregiving ends?” seems to be the big question for many people in situations like yours these days.  There are a lot of things that can make many former caregivers feel demoralized about their situation.  Between a down economy and so much time spent in a specific industry that you now want […]

Jun 202012
Life After Caregiving: Time for Summer Fun

When summertime comes around, people all over the northern hemisphere start to think about vacations and spending time outside in the sunshine.  As you start in on your new life after caregiving, what better time of year to take a much-needed respite, and enjoy some summer fun activities, yourself? If you are moving on after […]