Jan 042012

easing the grieving processWhen we are in the midst of grief it can seem like the whole world disappears.  All we focus on is our pain and sadness, and it can feel as though this dark period will never come to an end.

That’s not true, however!  There are many things you can do to help in easing the grieving process, and we have gathered five of them here for your convenience:

1)  Seek Support – There are many things in life we must deal with alone, but grief is not one of them!  Seek the support of friends and loved ones, or even a professional, to help you heal.

2)  Find a Cuddly Friend – It may sound strange, but spending time with animals (such as cats and dogs) has been found very successful in easing the grieving process.  Their innocence, their helplessness, and their energetic spirits often help us feel alive during times of sorrow.

3)  Be Creative – Creative activities such as writing, music, art, crafts, or quilting are a great way to productively deal with difficult emotions.  They act as a distraction, as well as a meditative tool!

4)  Pamper Yourself – Do something nice for you; get a massage, a pedicure, or try that new restaurant you’ve been wanting to go to!

5)  Face Your Grief – The most important thing to remember when easing the grieving process is not to ignore your emotions.  If you are sad, then feel sad.  If you are angry, then feel angry.  Give your grief the attention it deserves and you will find yourself more able to move past it.

Easing the grieving process also means understanding it.  Check here  to learn more about the five stages of grief.