The elderly are everywhere. They are not necessarily the residents of nursing homes. They could be your neighbor or a dear friend. The winter season is a good time to pay special care to the elderly and infirmed. Here are some tips that you can utilize to pay special attention to an elderly friend or relative.
First of all, a simple phone call periodically is a good way to keep in touch. If they live alone, it might be a nice gesture to call daily and check in on them. You might be the only call that they receive and that call is like a lifeline to an elderly person. They know that someone is checking on them and they have a phone friend to call if they need assistance of any kind. You might not be able to assist them, but you can contact someone who can.

Offer to get some groceries for them when you go to the store. They might need something and have no one to get it for them. This is especially true when the weather gets bad and it is too dangerous for them to get out in the cold, ice, or snow. The grocery store is not the only errand that you could run for them. They might need some stamps or a letter mailed.

Write them a note periodically if you cannot find time to call. Just a thinking of you note helps pass the time away. They will appreciate that correspondence very much.

If you live close, such as a neighbor, a visit might be nice. However, do call before you come. The elderly take a nap, go to bed early, and sometimes do not feel like company. Common courtesy is to call before you go.

If you bake something, take a piece of cake to them, or a meal. It is hard for the elderly to eat right, since some cannot make meals anymore. They might get tired of prepared dinners from the grocery store. Offer to bring them a plate of something you cooked or baked every once in a while.

Have the children make artwork or cards for them. Their children are grown or maybe their grandchildren live out of town. They will enjoy the artwork and the thought behind its creation.

If the children are not ill with a cold, etc., a visit from them might cheer an elderly person. Once again, be sure and call first. Don’t overstay your welcome, either, with the children. It is not that the children are overactive, but elderly are not used to being around rambunctious children. Limit your visit.

Offer to take out their trash on trash day. Sometimes it is very difficult for them to get the trash from their home to the curb. This is especially true in the winter when the weather is frigid and they chance catching a cold.

A simple gesture of caring is a boast to the elderly person’s day. Offer to get them some books or save your daily newspaper for them to read after you. Money is often very scare for the elderly, so that newspaper might be something for them to read for several days.

The elderly are very appreciative of any thoughtfulness that is extended to them. If you remember them in a small way, they will remember you with love and gratitude. These simple gestures do not take long, but they will prove to be well worth it. You will get the euphoric feeling that you have made a difference in someone’s life.