Jun 202012

When summertime comes around, people all over the northern hemisphere start to think about vacations and spending time outside in the sunshine.  As you start in on your new life after caregiving, what better time of year to take a much-needed respite, and enjoy some summer fun activities, yourself?

If you are moving on after the loss of a loved one, you may feel guilty about going on a vacation during this time of the year.  However, as appropriate as it is to grieve, it’s also immensely important that you take some time to distance yourself form the loss, breathe a little, and enjoy the life that you are living.

Of course, you’ll want to remember that person, and you will!  But, it doesn’t mean that you have to stay at home, and spend all of your time and energy reflecting on a loss, whether that loss is a person or an experience.

An important part of living a healthy life after caregiving comes to an end is staying active, and going out into the world.  Maybe you have a group of girl friends who would also be interested in getting out of town for a long weekend or a week?  While it might mean watching finances in other areas for the rest of the summer, chances are you can afford some kind of brief vacation!

If nothing else, see what kind of bed and breakfast options are available near your own town.  You don’t have to go far to enjoy a summer vacation.  Personally, I love to take my aromatherapy products with me when I go on vacation.  I find them to be incredibly helpful when I decide to enjoy some time for relaxation and healing!  If you haven’t tried them, what better time to do so than when you’re relaxing on vacation?